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Our lives are a string of experiences. Experiences with people and experiences with things. And we, as designers — as the people who craft experiences — we have a profound responsibility to make every experience as beautiful, as comfortable, as painless, as empowering, and as delightful as possible.’

— This is All There Is.

Freedom can be beautiful.

I’m a designer & social entrepreneur working to create independent technologies that protect our fundamental freedoms.

To protect our privacy, civil liberties, and human rights in the age of corporate surveillance, we must empower regular people to own their own tools and data. To do this, we must create beautiful, independent, consumer products.

This is a revolutionary new category of experience-driven, freedom-protecting consumer technology. It is being created by a new breed of design-led independent organisations.

It is called Indie Tech.

And I’m busy building the first Indie Tech platform: a beautiful independent consumer smartphone called Indie Phone.


Free is a Lie at The RSA in London. ~35 mins. April 10, 2014
Q&A: Nat Hunter, director of design, RSA and me. ~30 mins.



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